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Synonym: N-α-Fmoc-N-g-(2,2,4,6,7-pentamethyldihydrobenzofuran-5-sulfonyl)-L-arginine
CAS #: 154445-77-9
Molecular Formula: C34H40N4O7S
Molecular Weight: 648.8
Fmoc-Arg(Pbf)-OH is the standard derivative for the introduction of Arg in Fmoc SPPS. In the preparation of peptides containing both Arg and Trp, it is recommended that this derivative is used in conjunction with Fmoc-Trp(Boc)-OH. The Pbf side-chain protecting group is removed with TFA approximately 1-2 times faster than Pmc. TFA cleavage is best performed in the presence of a silane scavenger.
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