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Synonyms: 5-Carboxyfluorescein
CAS #: 76823-03-5
Molecular Formula: C21H12O7
Molecular Weight: 376.3
5-FAM (λex/λem: 492/518nm in DMF) is the purified single isomer of carboxyfluorescein. It contains a carboxylic acid that can be used to react with primary amines via carbodiimide activation of the carboxylic acid. It is one of the most popular green fluorescent reagents used for labeling peptides, proteins and nucleotides. In addition to its relatively high absorptivity, excellent fluorescence quantum yield, and good water solubility, 5-FAM has an excitation maximum that closely matches the 488 nm spectral line of the argon-ion laser. It has also been used to prepare various small fluorescent molecules.
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